Swathi Naidu autobiography

Swathi Naidu is a Telugu actress and an anchor.

Tv Anchoring: She started her career as an anchor on a health show with Dr G Samaram on CVR news channel.

Facebook: She has a popular facebook page where she does her photoshoot with her own crew. Her bikini photoshoots and copy shots of famous actresses like Sunny Leone & others have grabbed her a big following.
Swathi Naidu autobiography
Swathi Naidu autobiography

Role models: She considers Sunny Leone as her role model. She is a fan of actress/model Poonam Pandey, some opine that she is actually bolder than Poonam.

Youtube: Her rise to fame came through her short naughty videos on Youtube, watched by millions of youngsters in India. She is one among the very few anchors to turn into softcore actresses. She confesses that she is willing to act in blue films if she doesn't get enough chances to act in the films.

Personal Life &Hobbies: She likes reading books whenever she is free from her youtube projects. She likes to become a director in the future. she is fond of pets, she has always had cats with her from her childhood, she wants to have dogs too when she can afford.

She lives in Hyderabad with her younger brother. She is a B.Tech graduate. Her father is a drunkard, Swathi took responsibility of her own life & after graduation she decided that she just doesn't want money, but name & fame as well. She ran away from her house to enter glamor industry.

Chammak Chandra Controversy: She alleged that "Jabardasth" show star "Chammak Chandra" was abusing girls by offering them false offers. It appears that now they have come to a compromise.

She is acting in the film Campus Ampasayya movie along with Shyam Kumar, Pavani, Prabhakar Jaini; directed by "Prabhakar Jaini"

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